Entry #1

Hello NG World

2012-03-14 21:51:44 by blackember

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Newgrounds and have always felt amazed at what people can do with Abode Flash. Now, I get to join everyone here and start putting out work of my own.

Say hello, to Black.Ember.

Hello NG World


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2012-03-15 03:22:20

Hello dark ember, I just got done watching your acid tree flash, though a little short needless to say i was impressed. I have used flash and know how to make videos but It better suits me to watch rather than create. My main question is did you make the beat yourself?? either way I just posted something on newgrounds in the forum and as an entry on my profile to try to gather ideas from viewers and creators to help make awsome content, so by all means stop by and drop a line, ugh should be able to find a link to it on my profile or sumtin. Great job on the flash can't wait to see sumthing else from ya, hopefully longer lol

blackember responds:

Hey! Glad you liked the video, even though it's length wasn't the greatest. It was really just a test video but I was surprised by the amount of feedback I got from it. I am actually working on making it longer right now.

I did make the best myself, actually. :D Glad you noticed. I might drop a line here in the next couple days. Gonna be busy working on that animation. But I'd love to help with something!

Thanks for the comment!



2012-03-16 01:36:52

fuck ya bro, hell should post the full song, or at least message me a link bro, put that shit up on youtube or sumtin, cant tell you how many times i was disopointed when ppl didn't make the beat them selves and didn't properly give credit to the artist whether it be flash vids/games or just a rapper on youtube.